29 julho 2012

Running in Bed: Love, desire and freedom in 70s NYC

The book is a beautiful novel about love and personal growth. It is a pretty nice and amazing report about the gay way life  in New York in 70s and early 80s. Memorable and sometimes melancholic, but pretty nice always. Beautifully with a clear narrative, without slushy despite of it  to touch in a delicate and painful matter as the first years of the AIDS.

Below, a delightful excerpt of the book:

“My favorite time was when everyone else was at Tea Dance, and we would go for walks, holding hands along the desert beach, bathed in the soft light of the setting sun. It was and incredible peaceful feeling; a sense of contentment settled over me as I watched the day end, secure in the knowledge we'd be spending the evening together - and the days and evenings that followed.” 

The author Jeffrey Sharlach bring us an exciting and nostalgic picture of New York in those years: love, freedom and aftermaths...

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